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Why Berkey?

Berkeys are Healthy…

Berkey® purification systems are far superior to other filtration systems because they remove unhealthy contaminates, impurities and pathogens while leaving in the essential minerals your body needs.

Access to wholesome drinking water can be difficult because water is often contaminated with industrial pollutants and undesirable additives such as chlorine and fluoride and may even have high levels of harmful pathogens. Even bottled water is often processed from these same contaminated sources and is typically a very expensive alternative to your own purifier. Berkey® systems will provide you with the cleanest, healthiest drinking water.

Berkeys are Economical…

The elegant high-grade polished 304 stainless steel design makes Berkey® systems an attractive addition to any kitchen or home, and yet they are easily the most economical purifier you can own.

A set of Black Berkey® purifying elements filter an amazing 6000 gallons at the cost of less than 2 cents / gallon and can last a typical family of 4 for five to eight years. Because of the extra thick layer of filter media, these purifying elements are cleanable, which means no need for expensive replacement cartridges like most pitcher or faucet filters.

Berkeys are Convenient…

The Berkey® gravity-fed purification system is simple to install and convenient to operate. It assembles in minutes without tools, electricity, water pressure, or plumbing.

Once set up, simply pour water into the upper chamber and let gravity do its work. As water is drawn through the exclusive purification elements, the unwanted contaminates are captured within the micro-porous elements resulting in healthful purified water on tap when you need it.

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